GoNoodle is a Mouse Click Away from a much needed Brain Break!

Submitted 4 years ago
Rachael S.
Rachael S.
West Towson Elementary
Towson MD, US
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My Take

I don't know how I would get through the day without GoNoodle. The variety of videos and how they are based in some sort of educational concept really make them even more useful than just giving students a reason to move around the classroom. The website itself is pretty organized! Whether you are looking for a favorite channel, a certain subject area, or even a specific video that focuses on a certain social skill or strategy, it can be found with ease. It's a great variety and I know that when my students need to move around, I can play something with a more upbeat, energetic vibe. If my students need to relax, I can find a calming, meditative video. The students get really excited when they earn points for the completion of the videos and they can watch their "monster" grow. Once a monster has maxed out on their levels, you can print a completion certificate for the class which another cool feature. Some of the videos are repetitive in nature and can be slightly annoying, but for the most part each video is engaging. I do have to say that not every student enjoys GoNoodle and participating in the brain break videos, so that can be a downfall when you're trying to get students up and moving.

How I Use It

I use GoNoodle on a daily basis within my classroom! 1st graders tend to get very antsy throughout the day and need regular brain breaks from learning, not to mention the energy they exert on days we cannot go outside for recess. GoNoodle is a great way to get students up and moving, as well as, continue their learning through catchy songs. The videos vary in length, subject area, sensory and motor skills, and movement type. Also, I use the choice of the videos as an incentive for positive behavior. Whomever has been following directions throughout the day is in charge of picking the first video of the day. I usually allow my class between 3-4 videos throughout the day, depending on their energy level and the video length.