Fun in the Classroom.

Submitted 5 years ago
Madison N.
Madison N.
North Carroll Community School
Westminster MD, US
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My Take

Overall, I would recommend this site to fellow educators because it gets the kids up and moving, which in the end will make them more productive in class. I like how I can put on yoga but then I can also put on a harder workout for the kids. It gives both the kids and teachers a mini break so they can refocus and reengage. It could also be used as motivation for getting work completed.

How I Use It

I use this for brain breaks within my classroom or if there is a video about a concept I am teaching, I will show that to the students. The students love the catchy songs and phrases they have and enjoy dancing or doing the motions along with the characters on the screen. Some of my students find them cheesy so they don't get as involved with them as other students. I love how they have a huge variety of videos to choose from. They have longer videos for indoor recess and shorter videos for transitioning between activities or subjects. Some videos aren't as great as others but that just means you try a different one next time. On the SAMR framework this would fall under substitution because I could lead the class in simple exercises and songs but this way the kids get music and a break from the teacher!