Engaged and Motivated Students

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GoNoodle is a teacher's best friend. Before every video, it shows the purpose of the video that you chose. A video called "Counting to 100", tells the students what they'll be working on. It says math, gross motor skills, and workouts. Teachers can choose from numerous categories of videos from curricular (math, social students, ELA, etc.), sensory and motor skills (body awareness, balance, coordination) to movement type (stretch, breathe, competition, partner up). Teachers from all subjects can find a video based on their curriculum to use. If you're a science teacher, teaching about the water cycle, why have the students sit at their desk while you're trying to teach them about water cycles, when GoNoodle has a dance video called "Water Cycle" that students can dance and learn at the same time to support you. This is a great way to get students engaged and motivated to learn. It allows students to be moving, which is exactly what K-5th graders need throughout the day. Oh by the way, don't forget that exercises/moving boosts brain their brain powers!

How I Use It

I use GoNoodle as a Physical Education teacher for K-5th graders during warm-ups and cool down activity during the end of the class. Two or three times a year, I have days where I cannot have class is the gymnasium so I'm stuck going to the classrooms. GoNoodle is a go to app that I use for when I am in the classroom. The students love it. I've talked to other classroom teachers in my school and they use it for during transitions and also after a lengthy lesson.