GoNoodle has been my favorite classroom app (TK-4th grade) that motivates the students and refocuses their attention back on their work. Not only is it great to use during rainy day schedules, it is also great for "brain breaks."

Submitted 5 years ago
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I don't believe GoNoodle is just a teaching tool. It does have some teaching components that are great for the students. Some of the videos teach lessons on mindful behavior such as kindness, friendship, and how to appropriately self regulate behavior during times of stress or anger.

How I Use It

I have used GoNoodle in my classes (TK- 4th grade). I use it during lessons that may be time consuming and students need a special brain break to refocus and to just get them moving and out of their seats. Also, I have used GoNoodle during inclement weather when students have been in the classroom all day long without an outside recess. After a very moving GoNoodle video, I normally conclude the brain break with a yoga style video.