GoNoodle is a great place to take a brain break!

Submitted 6 years ago
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My Take

I love using GoNoodle in my classroom and l am loving the new layout and organization of the website. I do wish they have more YouTube videos (just saw you can add your own) and well as Blazer Fresh and Kid Bop. I love having my students so excited (all year!) to do brain breaks! Since finding GoNoodle is have been a blast using it! My kids also love picking a brain break and it is wonderful to have that as a positive reward for them. It helps me get my students re-focused and ready to learn. I believe having this tool in my room helps me be more successful maintaining their focus. I can tell when many kids are checking out so we stop and will do a quick brain break to get them up and moving.

How I Use It

I use GoNoodle in my classroom for brain breaks. My kids love doing most of the activities. Anytime they see my click on GoNoodle they get super excited and ready to do a brain break. Sometimes some friends get too excited and loud, which can be a problem. I just tell them they don’t sound ready for a brain break and they get quiet. Some students get to pick which one they want to do but only if they earn it. Earning the right to pick a brain break is highly desired. Most time my students will pick the signing/dancing (Kids Bop) breaks most followed by Mr. Cat Man. They don't get too excited when I pick a calming one, but most participate in it. I do like to have them participate in a calming activity if I feel they are getting too wound up. I love how some of the songs have teachable opportunities like the Blazer Fresh Guys teach syllables, reading with expression, the water cycle, money and others. I also love how they have longer 24 minute videos for indoor recess.