Create and share a functioning app from only a Google spreadsheet

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Pros: Incredibly easy to use with no coding required; good support materials.

Cons: As it's not designed specifically for K-12 students, Glide lacks classroom features.

Bottom Line: A simple way for students to use Google Sheets data to build real and useful apps, without mastering coding.

With Glide, students can share their learning, plan an event, collect and record data, or create their own learning tools. Because it runs in tandem with Google Sheets, your students will need a Google account, but once they have one, it will be quite easy for them to build their app. If you give students a little bit of training in the ways spreadsheets work and then use the Glide tutorials or templates to get them started, you could have students creating apps for data collection (social studies or science), for showcasing an app-based guide (about a particular historical period or for a language class), or even for organizing a school event.

Glide is a website that can pull data directly from a student's Google spreadsheet to create an app that can run on iOS and Android devices. Students can take an existing spreadsheet (from Google Sheets) or create one from scratch and then use Glide to design the interface of a fully functional app. The app can then be shared via QR code, link, or even phone number. The app responds to the input of different users, updating the original spreadsheet and the app in real time. There's no coding required to build the app; students simply need a well-organized spreadsheet and a sense of design for the user interface. For new students, Glide provides extensive support tutorials and templates to work from.


Glide wasn't created as a learning tool, but it's a powerful way to demonstrate learning. Though students don't actually write code for an app (they create a spreadsheet instead), Glide can help show students the power and importance of data; by collecting and organizing data, they create the underlying structure for an app. 

Because Glide is so flexible, the only real limitation on what teachers and students can create is imagination. As long as it can be connected to a spreadsheet, it can become a Glide app.

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Because Glide isn't targeted at a student audience, it needs a creative teacher to help students see its potential.


While not explicitly intended as a learning or teaching tool, Glide helps students creatively demonstrate knowledge without the use of code. Along the way, students will recognize the importance of data in app creation. 


Glide features a full range of learning materials as well as a number of app templates to use as starters.

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James Denby
James Denby Educator/Curriculum Developer

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