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Submitted 10 years ago
David  B.
David B.
K–12 school
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Geometry Quest is a series of multiple choice questions that go from basic geometric concepts like point, line, plane to problems involving solving the area of a circle.

If the answer is correct, it moves to the next level, which is depicted with a not very interesting picture of a plane flying across a photograph of famous world cities. If the answer is incorrect, you lose a "passport." To get to the next city you have to have at least one passport left. Also, if you get an answer incorrect, you can click for help to get a very brief explanation or hint to the correct answer.

How I Use It

Even if I could somehow project this phone app for my whole class, or had droid tablets that could run this app, I wouldn't use this product in my classroom. The range of questions is too broad, spanning too many grade levels

for a quiz review, and the questions are too rudimentary for a "problem of the day."

The graphics would not hold students attention. I'm not sure it would be useful to keep a child entertained for a long road trip.

Concepts are not taught deeply enough. The corrective feedback is minimal, and there is a paltry selection of questions, so a student who memorizes the correct answer can pass a level without actually understanding the geometry.

Most of all, it doesn't engage or spark interest in geometry or visual thinking,

the way any number of physical or virtual manipulatives (pattern blocks, tangrams, etc.)

already can.