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Quizzes provide good basic practice but little instructional content

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Price: Free
Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: Well-organized quizzes give kids quick and fun geometry practice.

Cons: With only 10 quizzes of 10 questions each, content is limited.

Bottom Line: Content and feedback are limited, but Geometry Pro! is a free and effective resource for practicing geometry skills.

Using Geometry Pro! in the classroom is easy. Tap a quiz to determine its content, and choose one that relates to an upcoming unit. Have kids individually complete the quiz as a pre-assessment and discuss the results. Did they earn a star? If so, what color star? The app doesn't accommodate multiple users, so keep a record of kids' scores. After teaching the unit, and before a formal exam, have kids complete the same quiz and compare the results. 

At the Geometry Pro! homepage, kids choose from 10 multiple-choice quizzes, which they can complete in any order. Each 10-question quiz covers a different geometry topic. Quizzes are scored, and kids get feedback for incorrect answers. In most cases, however, the feedback simply gives the correct answer. Some answer choices are silly, which can be fun and engaging. When kids complete a quiz, they earn a star. 

Kids can test their knowledge of geometry concepts, including angle calculations; circumference, area, and diameter of circles; the Pythagorean theorem; volume; and more. The quizzes are decent practice tools, but an instructional component is lacking, and there's no variety in the style of questions -- they're all multiple-choice. Kids could benefit from more constructive feedback and some variety in the question styles -- such as drag-and-drop or fill-in-the-blank -- that would promote higher-order thinking. 

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A fun design, colorful graphics, and some humorous answer options make these straightforward quizzes more engaging than pencil-and-paper worksheets. 


The quizzes are effective practice tools, but they focus on memorization and don't include an instructional component. Feedback for incorrect answers doesn't clearly explain why the answers were incorrect. 


Instructions and an intuitive design help kids get started and move through the quizzes. The developer's website offers an opportunity for teachers to learn how to create their own mobile-app quizzes. 

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