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AI-enhanced presentation tool for collaboration and media integration

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Price: Free to try
Platforms: Web

Pros: Presentations can easily include many types of media, including GIFs, AI-generated images, and interactive quizzes. It can help with some of the tedious work of designing presentations, documents, or websites.

Cons: There can be a bit of a learning curve to figure out how everything works.

Bottom Line: Both teachers and students can create impressive presentations, but it may not be worth the price -- or the effort to learn and incorporate yet another platform.

Gamma was not made for use in schools specifically, but teachers can easily use it to present lessons, information, media, links, study guides, or interactive assignments. Students can use it to showcase what they've learned. And both teachers and students can use it to brainstorm and collaborate with others on group projects, meetings, or planning. Considering that the tool incorporates artificial intelligence (AI), teachers may want to cover some basic guidelines for using AI fairly and safely, such as not using personal, sensitive, or confidential information with the AI bot. 

You can prompt the generator to write a paper or presentation on a particular topic -- for example, "The Origins of American Sign Language." The generator will provide a tentative outline, which you can manipulate before continuing on and selecting a design theme. It will then generate several sections, starting with an introduction and historical context before moving through more detail. Keep in mind that AI retains the cultural biases that it was trained with, and this remains the same for a tool like Gamma, which during review only included stories and images of particular Deaf communities. You then have the option to share the generated text with others or invite them to see your workspace. Most importantly, you can make edits directly on the created materials, which will be necessary to tailor it to your specific knowledge and use case. It wouldn't be entirely clear what was generated by AI and what was written from scratch -- which could be a concern for teachers who want to use the tool to gauge whether a student actually absorbed the information. 

Editor's note: Never input personal, sensitive, or confidential information into a generative AI model. Any information you put in can become publicly available and used as training data for future iterations of the tool. If there is ever any doubt about whether or not to enter particular information, do not include it. Be sure to set your privacy settings accordingly before using the tool.

With Gamma, teachers can create dynamic, multimedia presentations, documents, and websites. It's like an updated PowerPoint, with more flexibility, smoother options for embedding media, and the ability to collaborate in real time with other users. And it also incorporates generative AI to help with design, format, and wording. After signing up for an account, users can click through a tutorial to learn about the different features and how to use AI to help with the design process. Each account allows for a limited number of free presentations. After that, a paid subscription is required to continue. 

Gamma has a lot of potential for users to create really amazing presentations. It has lots of features (like integrating Spotify tracks and TikTok media), a ton of flexibility, and great ways to present ideas. The generative AI works as well as the user knows how to utilize it. For teachers and students who are familiar with AI and how to get the output they want, the AI feature could be a really big help. Use it to easily change formatting, edit slides, suggest wording, and more. That said, with all those tools and options, Gamma is a whole new platform to learn, and figuring out how to navigate it may not come easily for all. Whether it's worth adding yet another platform, with its own unique terms and tools, and its own subscription price, is a personal choice for each teacher and classroom. While it is a great tool for generating new media, it might not be the best tool to demonstrate students' understanding or learning progress, since it's close to impossible to tell what was generated by AI and what came from a student's own processing.

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Multimedia integrations and streamlined dynamic designs help users present information in enticing and creative ways.


Create and collaborate on card decks, documents, and presentations. Teachers can present information to students, or students can use the tool to demonstrate what they've learned.


Once you know how to use it, it's simple to add media to presentations, documents, and sites. 

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