A Great Interactive Technology Classroom Tool !

Submitted 3 years ago
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I found that Funbrain is a creative way to engage kids in learning, which just not only being lectures and work on assignments traditionally. Kids now have the technology to have more fun while learning and practicing on their new learning information. Educational technology serves as a comprehensive resource for fulfilling the whole learning process through exciting mediums and hands-on to explore technology.

How I Use It

Funbrain is a great teaching tool that contains multiple sections, such as math, reading, educational games, and videos. With attractive visual graphics and sounds come along with the contents, children build a great interest in engaging with materials. With the game section, it comes along with the teaching information that adults and teachers find them to help guide through the learning process with concepts, key-terms, and print-out homework. Kids can share reading materials and able to read together on their own devices. The website has a ton of learning materials related to writing, maps, and socials studies that develop children's education.