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Adrienne D.
Adrienne D.
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My overall opinion about his project as a teaching tool is that it is great to get the children interested in learning. It is also useful to help them want to complete their work and explore technology resources in the classroom. To serve us better it would be great if it was designed to have an account for each student so I can manage the games they have done and also monitor which games they like to play the most.

How I Use It

I use this product as a transition tool when students finish their work early. It is great to help develop eye-hand coordination with the game Double Hooked, in which students must position the hook in the water to catch a fish as the fish swims by the hook it is on their level and they get hooked. The website also has a math, reading, fun, and playground arcade that offers games and activities to help the child develop the necessary skills for pre-reading and pre-writing. When I asked my three and four year older students how the website makes them feel they told me that it
makes them want to learn and continue to be the best student.