Fun With Directions HD

Helpful tool for kids with auditory memory and processing issues

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Communication & Collaboration, Critical Thinking, English Language Arts

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Special Needs

Price: Free to try, Paid
Platforms: iPad

Pros: Teachers can track individual students; three levels allow for growth.

Cons: Simplistic design may not engage older students.

Bottom Line: With this useful addition to your resource room toolkit, kids can practice listening skills and following directions.

Use Fun With Directions HD in a resource room or as an assessment exercise when students begin the school year. Students who struggle with the app can practice within the class as teachers monitor progress. 

Fun With Directions HD helps kids follow one-, two-, and multi-step verbal or text directions. Kids are presented with brightly colored pictures on a white background. There are three levels of play. Directions go from simple one-step directions to more complex directions and choices. The more advanced level integrates more complex concepts at one time to enhance working and auditory memory. The Superstar Direction feature incorporates a recording, giving kids an expressive language and fluency experience. Teachers can set up individual accounts and track student progress.

This is a great tool for helping students who have auditory memory and processing issues. Kids practice listening and reviewing basic concept skills such as bottom, color, close, give, middle, and open. You can enable the speech feature for kids who struggle with receptive language and speech issues. The app gives room for growth with three levels of difficulty. Teachers should note that this app isn't designed to take the place of hearing directions from the outside world -- it's a supplemental activity to help you determine where kids may be struggling. The data is a way for you to see and monitor student progress.

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This simply designed app has user-friendly features that will help engage kids with a variety of learning issues. Brightly colored pictures on a plain white background help reduce attentional distractions.


Customizable settings help you tailor kids' practice. Use for kids who simply need to practice listening or for kids who need to practice receptive language skills and comprehension skills.


The app opens with a demo. Teachers can track and monitor kids' progress after setting up a username. Three levels give kids room to grow.

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