Extended learning activities challenge learners to think critically

Submitted 10 years ago
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My Take

This app provides the basic "tricks of the trade" for math teachers. It is very easy to navigate, however I found the step by step directions a bit confusing at times. Average Flesch Kincaid Grade Level readability was measured at 6.6. This app only provides 3 practice problems for each of the 25 "tricks" which I did not feel was sufficient for supporting retention. Practice sets could not be reset to provide additional problems. There is also a quiz option which includes questions from each of the 25 tricks. I was disappointed that there was not an option to quiz only learned items in effort to break it up a bit.

How I Use It

I used this app with my high functioning high school special education students in an effort to provide them with simplified ways of solving more complicated problems (such as 10,000 X 100,000). My students needed direct instruction and additional practice in order to master these concepts. Many of the more complex tricks, seemed like it took much more effort to teach (and for me, to learn) than doing what they already know. It only confused them. Concepts learned, when not used for a while, retention was not successful even for myself. I think this app would be great if there was more opportunity for practice and review.