Learn something and help someone at the same time!

Submitted 10 years ago
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This site allows students to take multiple-choice online quizzes on a variety of subjects and “earn” rice that is donated to the United Nations World Food Program. As users get correct answers, a visual of a rice bowl fills up, showing how much they’ve donated. As students get correct answers the level of difficulty will increase. Incorrect answers are repeated. Students can also learn about how to fight hunger. Users can play on their own, join other groups, or teachers can create their own groups.This is a legitimate site that has been online for several years.

How I Use It

I introduce this during social studies with sixth graders, and many students choose to do this on their own at home. It's a good place to work on improving vocabulary and is a great activity for students to use during free time or while waiting for other students to finish work. Students can challenge themselves in a fun, non-threatening activity and do something to fight hunger at the same time.