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Free Rice: Educational Review and Food Donation

This is a terrific program that can be used by an individual student or with a group of students. The various subjects that are available can be used for review (multiplication facts, basic language reviews, identify countries) and for exploration of new information (learning a new language, famous paintings). My students have used it for both review and personal exploration, especially in regards to language. They have enjoyed filling up their bowls with rice to help others while having fun. It is engaging, individualized and motivating even when you get the wrong answer.
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I have used Free Rice several times in my classroom to help them review their Spanish. Some parts of the program have been really helpful and others not so much. I have had to play around with it to find the right level to use with my students.

Over all I think that this is a good website and one that could assist several classes with learning new or reviewing old material. I also really praise this product for bring world hunger to the attention of young students. It is a great way to talk about the need for assistance all around the work.
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Fantastic quizzing tool, facilitates students to make a difference in the world, and provides class gamification options.

My overall take is that although it is a bit clunky and can be somewhat difficult to get a class group setup for your students, I highly recommend it. I found that the take away message from students was not only reviewing content, but that they have a connection to those in need throughout the world and that they can literally help others through the United Nations World Food Programme.
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Easy independent review of vocabulary, math skills, and more!

I think this is a great tool for simple review and for building basic skills in struggling students. The real hook, for me, is the chance to talk to students about world hunger and NGOs, using this as a springboard to research projects or other A/A style discussion.
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A website that promotes the sense of service learning, while offering students practice in math skills and much more!

Students enjoy this site which offers many multiple choice questions on a variety of topics. It can be used to reinforce prior knowledge or develop new concepts.
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Great tool for use when you need a 5 - 15 minute filler activity in a computer lab.

Great learning tool.
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Great opportunity for service learning!

I think that this is a great resource for extra practice or differentiation. It also provides students wit ha challenging activity that could be used as a "sponge" for those who finish work early. It is great that students are able to do something for a good cause as they are learning. Student can adjust the challenge level and they can actually see themselves earning rice for those in need. Engaging and fun!
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Tool for all subjects!

Overall this is not a bad site. I like that it offers many subjects including english, math, chemistry, languages, anatomy, and SAT prep to name a few. This helps to give students a variety so they aren't stuck doing the same thing every time. I also like on it allows teachers to view student progress and gauges the level of difficulty on how questions are answered. This tailors each lesson to a student's specific need. One downside is it is very repetitive and students may get bored with the drill and kill method.
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This multiple choice drill where incremental donations are represented as rice is oddly appealing.

Using the program as it stands for individual practice is neither rich or deep. However students in grades 3-5 seem to react to it as a game and will spend time doing some drill which is helpful for basic math and multiplication facts. Students will happily spend time working in pairs on this program during free time (for instance inside during inclement weather for recess) where more learning happens through their conversation and explanations than through the program by itself.
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A great way to maintain order in a computer lab while students work at their own pace.

This is a great way to maintain order and feel that the students are not simply wasting time after an activity is finished.
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