Great tool for many reasons!

Submitted 3 years ago
Danielle T.
Danielle T.
Rose Creek School
Riverton UT, US
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My Take

I love Freckle and the kids love it in that they enjoy working independently on their computers. Each student works at his/her own level and rate. Even at their own level I can make an overall requirement for minutes worked or percentage to reach. Same requirement for the whole class but all working on their own level. The students at higher levels always have plenty to do. Many students like reading these texts because they are not too long. Then the students test and have instant feedback. I have enjoyed getting reports daily and weekly so I can reward those who have achieved goals of "most minute", "most questions answered", and "highest accuracy". With these recognitions, it is not always the same, or highest students that are recognized. Also, as I watch the student progress reports, I can talk to students individually about their progress (or lack of). It is a program of performance and assessment with quick results.

How I Use It

Freckle has become a common word in my classroom. It is well used for Math and Reading. I make class assignments and assess. When class work is done students continue personal progress at their own level and pace. This is a great resource to pull and/or assign reads for Science and Social Studies topics. Freckle has been used in my parent conferences to show specific area where students can work to improve (great print outs with graphs), and to let parents know this can be done as supplemental work at home to strengthen those skills.