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Freckle is an abomination, and it was only created for educators to keep students doing busywork. It does not teach anything, and hides behind "review" as an excuse to make students do the same work over and over with no benefit.

My overall opinion about Freckle is one of despise. One of the worst parts about Freckle is the placement system, which abhorrently misplaced my students' skill levels. Every single one of my students was placed at a far lower level than their real skill level, creating boring repetitive work. This is one of the most important things Freckle needs to fix right away. Secondly, another large problem with Freckle is that it does not teach anything. Instead, all of the "lessons" in Freckle are just practice. There is a system for teaching new skills, but it is sub-par at best, and a majority of the time, it doesn't introduce any new skills or strategies and just repeats the ones all of my students have learned.
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Fun learning tool

Freckle is a good tool to use for your students. It is great for all subjects. I like that I can assign a standard to all my students. Not only can I assign lessons based on their own level, I can also print worksheets for them based on their level. Would be a great tool to use when there is a substitute. The higher level thinking relates to real world concepts. This engages students by allowing them to collect coins and use them. You can track your students' progress and give them assessments.
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my student is using his freckle money on stuff but it wont change his style

its nice
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Unsuitable for remediation or intervention

Overall, I find this product to be suitable only for providing extra practice to proficient or advanced students, or for remediating those working far below grade level. Even in the case of remediation, there is not enough flexibility in Freckle's interface to individualize a sequence of lessons to meet a learner's profile. The adaptive math feature does not appear to adapt to the user's ability level despite being advertised as such. It is not possible for a struggling learner to access vertical, prerequisite skills without manually changing that student's grade level. Practice problems are not properly sorted by lesson and reflect high levels of DOK, while provided examples only appear to address the lowest DOK of the standard. While this is a user friendly program, I would not recommend it.
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not sure yet
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Ok but here's my info....

Again as previously summed up..... I liked it however I do not use it BECAUSE unless you chart the data yourself it is not viewable for you as the teacher from one week to the next under the free option. I want a report from week 1 to week 40 showing the growth. You CAN purchase that ....the lowest quantity quoted to me was for 43 students at 35 dollars per student. My district will not purchase it and that is too pricey for me to purchase just for my class for the year. You may receive a different quote so it may be more beneficial to others. Good luck!
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Great tool for many reasons!

I love Freckle and the kids love it in that they enjoy working independently on their computers. Each student works at his/her own level and rate. Even at their own level I can make an overall requirement for minutes worked or percentage to reach. Same requirement for the whole class but all working on their own level. The students at higher levels always have plenty to do. Many students like reading these texts because they are not too long. Then the students test and have instant feedback. I have enjoyed getting reports daily and weekly so I can reward those who have achieved goals of "most minute", "most questions answered", and "highest accuracy". With these recognitions, it is not always the same, or highest students that are recognized. Also, as I watch the student progress reports, I can talk to students individually about their progress (or lack of). It is a program of performance and assessment with quick results.
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Freckle is Awesome

This is a wonderful teaching tool. I love how well it helps my students during intervention. It keeps the students engaged the whole time while also challenging them. The content is rigorous and pushes them to think rather than allow them to do easy , busy work.
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Freckle is awesome!

Freckle is a great tool that is used in my classroom.
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Freckle is a very good teaching tool!

I love using Freckle as a teaching tool. I like that each student is working on his or her own level. I like that I can monitor their progress, and give specific assignments. I like the benchmark tests, and that I can challenge higher students. Sometimes this is difficult to do. My only critique would be that sometimes the videos to help with the problems do not exactly match and are not as helpful as they could be.
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