Kids love Front Row and can't wait to add points to use to dress their piggy! LOL

Submitted 5 years ago
Rebecca S.
Rebecca S.
Wyandot Run Elementary School
Powell OH, US
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My Take

I love Front Row. I wish I could get other teachers in my building on board so that we could get the paid version. The program sets limits in the free version, specifically assignments. I wish I could have access to more of those. I'd like to use other areas in Front Row, like Social Studies. I can only have a few assignments going at a time.
The biggest plus of the program is that kids LOVE it!! They ask to do it for homework!

How I Use It

I use Front Row's benchmark tests to find out where a child is in that area and then let them move forward at their own pace. I tell them which math area to go into; it coincides with what I am teaching. I make use of the individualized homework assignments too, a real bonus!