Lovely Program!

Submitted 6 years ago
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I use this in a variety of ways. Some of my struggling students are still learning sounds and word-attack strategies. Other learners in my room are at a 4th grade reading level. I am able to challenge and encourage each group of students to grow in their reading strategies. Additionally, I have a diverse group of children who have various math skills. Some of my students are at a 1.2. One learner understands 6th grade math concepts. Each child can continue to grow and develop using this platform. I use this in class and the children use it at home as well. This helps my second grade students prepare for SBAC testing. Many drag-and-drop features and multi-answer questions prepare the children for similar answer/response opportunities they will see in SBAC.

How I Use It

We have a 30+ computer tech lab. We also have a roving cart of computers. Lastly, I have a few computers in my class. We have technology scheduled twice a week. Sometimes we are in there to specifically use this program. Other times we have a different goal. My fast finishers can use this program when they are done with their first assignment. I use this often.