This program helped our school do more to increase Math standardized test scores. It freed up some of my time to work with more students!

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

The company is very open to feedback from teachers. They have made several improvements that help teachers and students be more efficient and effective in their learning and teaching. The domains are a great way to break skills into smaller tasks and build their foundational skills. The students can go at their own pace so they feel more engaged in their learning. There are opportunities for students to work together with the Inquiry Based Learning lessons. The program encourages students to ask a classmate for help, too. Thanks Front Row!

How I Use It

I am an intervention teacher so this program gave me a great picture of what my students were ready to learn. I start with the NBT domain and move the students through OA. If students get through those domains we move onto NS and EE. It is an adaptive program so they know that they have to be accurate to move on. This builds their stamina and attentiveness to their math problems. I use this program as a guide to what my students need to learn because in middle school they are at so many different levels of math. My lessons are based on what level they are working on in this program. Mostly, I do mini-lessons and track their progress. This program has saved me so much time because I don't have to print, copy or check as many papers!