Amazing data reports, truly engaging for students. I love Front Row Education. Follows Common Core standardsThe program is adaptive, so it's personalized practice in Math and Reading. Kahn Academy videos inbeded for extra support.

Submitted 6 years ago
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What is most helpful for me as a teacher are the data reports. Data reports on Front Row are amazing! I know what standard any of my students lack at any time. It is that specific. My students also know at all times which domain they need to work on, where they are stronger at in math and what they need to accomplish. The program shows them exactly which level they are working with. The reports also extend from "Principal Report" to individual reports I can share with parents. This may be simple, but I appreciate the time limit my students have when they go to the "store" to spend their coins. I don't need to worry about students spending all their time shopping, it automatically kicks them out! Yay!
I don't know what I would do without Front Row!

How I Use It

I use Front Row everyday in my classroom. My students do 20 min of math facts practice, then 30 min of Domain (base ten, geometry, measurement and data, etc) work. My students have a math work journal. They use it to show all the work they do in Front Row. I used Front Row last year and it was an excellent indicator of how my students would do on SAGE testing at the end of the school year. I truly appreciate it being an adaptive/personalized program, it's a tremendous help with differentiation for my students.