Excellent leveled stories for middle school students! I use the program in a Reading Lab to help struggling readers. LOVE the quizzes and writing assignments that go along with each story.

Submitted 6 years ago
Denice S.
Denice S.
Bremen Middle School
Bremen GA, US
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My Take

I believe that Front Row is a wonderful teaching tool. I like the articles. They can be low level, high interest. The program provides much needed reading practice for my students and allows me to easily see their progress. Sometimes, a very low leveled story will not exactly match the quiz that goes with it probably because so much information has been left out to lower the level. I wish I had the Pro version, but I am glad that I can at least assign 5 stories each month.

How I Use It

I have the "Free" version of Front Row which allows me unlimited access to math practice which I have my 6th Grade SPED students use as practice because it is leveled. I use the Articles in my Reading Lab classes as independent practice or as Cloze Reading activities. Every student at any level can read the same article, but it is tailored to the reading level of the individual student. I can also set the reading level if I so desire. When I use an article for Cloze reading, I always use a higher level because we complete the activities together. This gives them better vocabulary practice. Our school also has access to Google Read & Write, so sometimes I assign high level articles to low level readers and have them listen to the articles and practice grade level vocabulary and comprehension. I love the writing assignments! They are easy to grade, quick, responses to literature. I can have students work on a particular skill, varying sentence type and structure, for example. Using the free version, I only get 5 articles per month, and that is the only downfall. I am hoping that my school system will purchase the entire program. I believe it will help with cross curriculum study and will help even more to improve the reading comprehension and writing skills of my students.