Common Core Aligned Math Site!

Submitted 9 years ago
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This is a great tool for teachers to customize learning to each students individual level. Students who struggle with reading and/or are ELL students have the opportunity to have the materials read to them. In addition this site shows you how your students are doing, what standard they've mastered and where they need help. It aligns with the common core curriculum and gives the data schools need to show growth and progress.

How I Use It

This site aligns perfectly with the common core curriculum. With the push to realign our curriculum I found this website to be helpful. It gives me a report on my students, where they are in regards to the standards. This allows students to work at their own level so that they aren't struggling or bored because they already know the material. This site gives you tangible data to help gauge the students learning and understanding. The only downfall would be if you didn't have Ipads to work on and used computers only.