A great way to get data and can get LIVE results!

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Shana M.
Shana M.
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This is a great tool to use to have an interactive component to the classroom. This would be great for snow days, virtual learning days and even regular use in the classroom for everyday lessons.

I would prefer some way for students to have a way to upload multiple components. I would also like some kind of a score if students scored a certain way. They have the ability to change their answers if the teacher comments on it.

How I Use It

Our school has virtual learning days. We have students who can work from home during the regular school day, but the students are required to have a live component to count for attendance. When using formative, we created a lesson that was based off of a novel we were reading. Audioboom was used for students to listen to the recording portion. Students had questions to answer. While students were listening, they were required to take notes and upload their notes to the formative page. The only downside is that one photo was allowed to be uploaded. If the students had multiple pages, they had to put it into a pic collage and upload the photo that way. Students who answered incorrectly can get immediate feedback on their answers.