Quick and Easy Interactive Assessments

Submitted 7 years ago
Emily P.
Emily P.
Lux Middle School
Lincoln NE, US
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My Take

This is a great assessment site as it gives teachers a variety of options to assess students. This tool goes beyond 4 answer multiple choice questions. Teachers can ask questions (multiple answer, show your work, short answer, or true/false), add content (you tube, image, text block, view only canvas), and upload pre made documents that students can respond to and manipulate. Teachers can view live results and give immediate feedback. I really like the option of pulling in images that students can write and draw on. This is powerful for teachers who want students to be able to label/identify different aspects of an image, while getting immediate results for immediate feedback.

How I Use It

As an art educator I love that images can be included on the assessment and students can label specific aspects of works of art. This would also be a great tool for social studies teachers to have students identify things on a map and health/science teachers when teaching about the human body and/or organisms. Being able to upload your personal documents is a great tool for world language teachers and english teachers as they can have students identify parts sentence structures while being able to draw on documents. The immediate feedback is great and allows for quick formative assessments and quick instructional decisions to be made.