The visual way for students to "show they know"

Submitted 7 years ago
Karen D.
Karen D.
Technology Integrationist
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My Take

I LOVE this teaching tool! The only way it could be improved is to have an easier way to draw which could be the use of an external drawing pad.
I appreciated the way it showed me "real time" what the students were doing on their machines so I could go over and help them self correct their problems with a short instruction point.

How I Use It

I would use this in my classroom for students to demonstrate their knowledge on a particular concept. If I were teaching students how to find the area of a rectangle in mathematics, students could actually "show they know" the concept by drawing a rectangle with specific dimensions and showing the formula for the area. I could watch the students as they drew their rectangle, labeled the dimensions, and worked out their problems. It was clear who knew the concept and who didn't. The only problem was their ability to draw with a trackpad or mouse.

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