Great resource for teachers and students for approaching Shakespeare

Submitted 8 years ago
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Whenever I teach any Shakespeare start off my thinking on this website. I use this resource to find resources for planning lessons as well as to craft group projects for students. There is plenty of resources available for studying the context of a play and for analyzing the play in more depth. The resources also make it possible to create lessons for different grade and skill levels in your class.

How I Use It

I use the resource to prepare lessons and with group projects in my class. I provide links from the website to students so they can do their own research and so they can supplement their own reading with the materials provided on the website. The materials available are suitable for 9th graders as well as 11th graders with varying degrees of teacher instruction and involvement. Some resources I could use to present certain points in class and others I could use to assign group projects or individual assignments. Some of my students even reported using the website after they had left my class and were reading Shakespeare in other classes or at university.