Repository of Shakespeare Knowledge

Submitted 8 years ago
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I feel that this is an effective teaching tool. As mentioned in the "How I Use It" section, this is a precision tool. Think more of a hammer used by a jeweler, instead of a sledgehammer. I like the sheer amount of information, it provides me with options for research, as well as lesson creation. There are also a series of lessons that have already been created, that can be used as they are, or easily adapted to the individual needs of your students.

An area of weakness is that of navigation. As mentioned before, this website is DENSE and often cumbersome to find something that you need. This website, on the SAMR ladder, falls between Substitution and Augmentation, all depending on how you utilize the tools provided.

How I Use It

The only drawback with this website is that it's DENSE. There's an overwhelming amount of information made available, and for an 8th grade student, that's overwhelming. When using this resource, it's best to direct your students to one small area of the website instead of simply turning them loose.