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Focusable: Progress your focus

Timed focus tool offers centering activities with little customization

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Price: Free
Platforms: Android, Web, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: Nice variety with timer, prompts for self-reflection, visual feedback on progress, and centering activities.

Cons: The sequence and exercises are always the same, which may limit its usefulness across different students and over time.

Bottom Line: This is a simple way to set small goals and keep on track -- but a lack of flexibility and options means that the method won't click with everyone.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

Students who have trouble maintaining focus can use Focusable to set small goals and stay on track to complete tasks. The tool uses sequenced activities -- like a timer, prompts for self-reflection, and centering tasks -- to help students hone their focus. Students can create a "progression" for each project they are working on, and follow the cues to assist with completing their work. The sequence of activities is quite rigid, with few customization options. For example, students need to create a reflection video before continuing on with each progression.

Teachers may want to introduce the tool alongside the Pomodoro Technique to help students understand how they can apply it to their goals. Teachers could also have students share their reflection videos as a way to help them process the experience of attempting to focus. The group option could be useful if teachers want to have students share their journey toward achieving focus and learn from or get motivation from each other's efforts. Focusable likely fits better as a tool teachers suggest students use at home rather than something to use in the classroom.

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Simple clean visuals make it easy to jump in, but features are bare-bones, with very few options for customizing the experience.


A Pomodoro-like technique uses timed focus sessions interspersed with short breaks. Students can also practice some centering and self-reflection activities.


In-app terms and presentation can be confusing at first, though a getting started video helps. There are some text instructions that don't have an audio option.

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