Overall this app is a great tool for students to compose music and collaborate with each other to create beautiful music!

Submitted 2 years ago
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My Take

My overall opinion of this website is that it is a good practice tool. All though this website will not provide additional information on composition, it is a great tool for students to implement what they know. I enjoy the collaborative aspect in that it works in the same way a google doc. works which is in real time. Students may be more comfortable with this considering Google docs is a popular platform for collaborative work. On the SAMR scale of technology this is an augmentation but could be considered a modification because it would not be possible to play back the instrumentation without the technology. This website allows students to use their creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills to work together to create music.

How I Use It

I Would use this website to have students create their own compositions. By creating their own compositions, students will implement their knowledge of theory and notation while using their creativity. Students can work individually or collaboratively.