Feedly.com is a great tool for teachers to organize their digital tools and resources!

Submitted 9 years ago
Adrian N.
Adrian N.
Instructional technology learning coach
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My Take

I really enjoy using this app on my phone. I have not been able to sync my content saved to my Android phone to my Feedly.com account online. Also, since I have a lot of resources saved for later, I would like to be able to organize these using the same “Tags” I have for my blogs.

How I Use It

I personally use Feedly to organize all of the blogs I read. It is a great resource for collecting resources for any topic. When a new blog post is written, I can choose to read it now or save it for later. Each post is organized into folders or “Tags” based on the content of the post. However, once it is saved for later, the posts are no longer organized by the tags. This is frustrating as my “Saved for Later” list is quite long and I have a difficult time finding posts that I had saved to read for later.