Everything is Easy With Explain Everything: Using Explain Everything to Demonstrate Mastery in All Content Areas

Submitted 7 years ago
Elizabeth L.
Elizabeth L.
Lewis And Clark Middle School
Bellevue NE, US
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My Take

This tool takes student creativity to a whole new level! Not only can students explain and demonstrate content mastery, but they also can add a flair of color and creativity to their knowledge. Teachers can see what students truly know by hearing them explain a concept right on their project slides. The ability to create slides with ease and add in pictures and text are just a few of my favorite features that this app has to offer. Students can use this app in more ways than just explaining math problems. I have had students create drawings using this app to save as pictures for another project, and I have also had students create how-to tutorials with this app as well. This tool is definitely a winner when it comes to demonstrating mastery and even background knowledge.

How I Use It

As a teacher, I use this app a lot to create lesson videos for my students. I have a flipped math classroom, so my students watch videos that I create using Explain Everything on a daily basis. With Explain Everything, I am able to write problems out on a slide and record my voice and my gestures as I work out the problem for the students. In this app, I am also able to type text, insert a picture, and even insert a web page right into the slide. If I run out of room, I am able to make another slide. Typically, I make at least five slides for my math videos. When I finish these videos, I can very easily save them to my iPad’s camera roll, or I can export them to my Google Drive. The export is very quick and easy to do.