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Everything can be done easily.

If you have this application, you have everything you need in the lesson. Preparing presentations, presenting, taking notes, recording presentations, preparing students for presentations, taking videos, etc. Everything can be done easily.
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Fantastic addition to enhance student presentations as well as those for teachers. Creative possibilities are endless. High SAMR capability. Students create videos, documents, drawings and are able to store and locate on another computer online. GREAT !

I find this a very useful , free tool that the students will love using. This can be used at the most basic level. It can also be used at the top level of the SAMR chart. I enjoyed the variations of approaches that the students could make their presentations. They could draw it,import clip art, or use images. They could narrate it or highlight with writing. The could interact with each other and collaborate.
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Students and Teachers Explain Everything

I have tried a lot of white boarding apps, but I always come back to Explain Everything. It has such a robust tool bar, so many options for sharing your final product, and is so user friendly that it outshines the competition. Cost is minimal, and in a lot of ways I think it is a great replacement or substitute for student PowerPoint use. Presentations become more media rich and interactive than a PowerPoint!
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Everything is Easy With Explain Everything: Using Explain Everything to Demonstrate Mastery in All Content Areas

This tool takes student creativity to a whole new level! Not only can students explain and demonstrate content mastery, but they also can add a flair of color and creativity to their knowledge. Teachers can see what students truly know by hearing them explain a concept right on their project slides. The ability to create slides with ease and add in pictures and text are just a few of my favorite features that this app has to offer. Students can use this app in more ways than just explaining math problems. I have had students create drawings using this app to save as pictures for another project, and I have also had students create how-to tutorials with this app as well. This tool is definitely a winner when it comes to demonstrating mastery and even background knowledge.
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Want to get students engaged and actually HEAR their thought process?

I loved this project. It really allowed me to virtually work one on one with each math student because of the ability to show and record their work. This app has many different uses and this was one of them! It made my teaching much better because I was able to address individual needs after watching the videos. The students surprised me with how savvy they were with the app as well, being it was their first time using it!
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If You Can't Explain It Here, It Is Unexplainable

If I had to choose one "catch-all" to purchase and distribute to all the iPads in my district, it would be Explain Everything. It does the work of a does other apps, and it does so in an easy-to-use manner suitable for all ages. The minimalist function buttons take some exploration to fully understand, but there is no shortage of tutorial videos and app support for Explain Everything.
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Helps Children Show & Share What They Know

Compared to other digital whiteboard apps available, Explain Everything allows for more options overall, making it the only digital whiteboard app a student or classroom would need. The Explain Everything developers consider the app an 'interactive screencasting whiteboard app', which highlights the additional capabilities it has over other digital whiteboard apps. I highly recommended for the k-12 classroom, for use with students and for teachers creation of educational content. It is my go to app in my k-6 art room.
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Fabulous screencasting tool for IOS and now on Chromebooks!

My overall opinion is that this is a highly effective tool to use if you want your students to be able to think critically in math- explain their reasoning and critique the reasoning of others.
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Motivates students to teach one another!

I plan on having students use this app to design their cultural heritage presentation this year instead of using Powerpoint and Prezi. It helps presentations come to life and makes the design process more fun for the students. The sequential slide feature seems to be easier for students to operate than the continuous feed in the ShowMe app.
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Best App for student exploration and expression

This tool is one of my all time favorite tools and allows for students to express themselves through all types of media. Adding text, images, video, audio, inserting webpages. Teachers can use this tool as a teaching device while demonstrating the features for them to be able to use on their own. I love this tool and I will be using it as a staple for our venture into BYOD!
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