Highly Versatile tool for both Teacher & Student Creation!

Submitted 9 years ago
Jennifer C.
Jennifer C.
Director of Educational Technology
Ransom Everglades Upper School
Miami FL, US
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Explain Everything is a highly versatile tool that allows students and teachers to create video using a variety of media - video, images, drawings, screen-captures, etc. Students can demonstrate learning, teachers can flip classrooms, and everyone can share their work!

How I Use It

In my role of Director of Educational Technology not only do I use it in my own classes, but I encourage teachers of all disciplines and grade levels to use this tool. For example, in my US History class, students have used this to map out the Battle of Gettysburg - highlighting key figures, "drawing" out the battle plan, and demonstrating images of the aftermath. The video was then exported to Google Drive and embedded on our class blog.
Our math teachers like to use it to have students work out math problems while "talking through them." Thus not only are they showing their work, but explaining it! Then the teacher can look over problems the student got wrong to see where they made the error.
Our AP Psychology teacher has students use it to label parts of the brain as a demonstration to their classmates and then keeps them a repository on the class Wiki. Students can then access them to review for the AP exam.