Smartboad technology without the cost

Submitted 9 years ago
Kathryn R.
Kathryn R.
Lincoln Park High School
Chicago IL, US
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Explain Everything is one of the most flexible iPad apps. Developed as a screen casting app, I have found it is so much more. I'm able to utilize Smartboard technology without the cost and make thinking visible by allowing students to create interactive presentations, posters, and mind maps. EE allows me to engage the learner by moving away from the paper-driven work that tends to define traditional classrooms and integrate technology-inspired lessons that allow students to be social — to interact around challenging concepts in powerful conversations with their peers. It's so easy to use and has transformed my teaching. I've become the facilitator as opposed to the authoritative figurehead, thereby effectively communicating information in a relevant manner.

How I Use It

Explain Everything is one of the most flexible apps in my iPad arsenal. I can transform it into an interactive whiteboard by using Reflector and my Macbook. Explain Everything becomes a blank canvas that can be manipulated anywhere in the classroom. I use the "open in" feature to import primary and secondary sources, maps, and images to model annotating and critical reading skills. Additionally, teachers can import powerpoint files and while presenting, utilize the pointer tools to highlight important information. Students can get involved too! My students have used the app to create their own interactive presentations. The screencaster app allows users to make manipulate certain objects while locking other objects in place. the magnifying glass tool in the left hand menu. With a combination of the zooming tool zooming, free hand drawing, typing and inserting images, users can easiliy create huge mind maps within the app to make thinking visible.

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