Provides creativity and differentiation for all learners

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

You need a few minutes to explain the basics for use, but then let the students loose. There are too many features for you to teach it all, so don't be tempted. They will learn from each other and you will too. You can use it as a presentation tool or a practice tool. I like small group use because students can help each other learn, collaborate easily, and use features that speak to their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

How I Use It

I like to use it as a group presentation tool after aresearch project.because it offers so many ways to differentiate learning and insure that all students take part in the creation. It reinforces the knowledge they gained from the research and kept them excited about demonstrating their knowledge to each other and to a wider audience. Kids can draw, use pictures, write, narrate, get creative with color, use multiple slides so all can be featured and involved. My only disappointment was that some groups only wanted to record on some slides of the presentation so when we tried to export it as video it only took the slides that had recording. I fixed it by recording nothing on some slides, but hopefully that glitch will be fixed with updates, or maybe I just didn't know a better way.