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There is a lot of things to learn on epic you can read books and after the book you get a quiz only some books there is epic Unlimited but it cost money but I like it pretty good learning app I have it you can read it has stuff like you can make stuff they show Legos they show a lot of stuff so I love it but it should be free epic Unlimited for people that can't afford it. Though one of the <a href="">best educational apps</a> out there. I still recommend using it.

How I Use It

Epic is the #1 suggested reading app, I use this for my school and it’s fun! But for some reason when I first got the app, before that I’d always use my laptop to read on it and when I got it all my profile pictures, backgrounds, badges, etc. were locked even tho I have unlocked them and when I reached level 30 I didn’t get the badge. I find this very odd, still happening for the locked items that are supposed to be unlock it today as well. I have to go on the website to change my profile pic because sometimes my classmate or a glitch or some sort would change my profile picture and my other stuff (I use my epic account for school purposes!) I have can’t do it on the app. But there’s lots of good things as well, this makes reading fun for me especially the quizzes. I really love the app, the books and collections. Really love it, it’s amazing and the ultimate reading app for school as well. ❤️

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