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great for kids!

There are so many great books for children to read!Offers many great digital books and videos that gives easy and free access. There is something for everyone that would interest them! Quizzes can go along with the readings.
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Great tool for students in need of reading and test taking practice

I think overall it is a good app for practice. This is more of something I say to practice because the questions on the quizzes are not as in depth as I would like. But it does allow students too put in the reading time, practice paying attention, memory practice, and engagement in the test they are reading. Which are all great things for students to practice.
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Really Great For Kids

There is a lot of things to learn on epic you can read books and after the book you get a quiz only some books there is epic Unlimited but it cost money but I like it pretty good learning app I have it you can read it has stuff like you can make stuff they show Legos they show a lot of stuff so I love it but it should be free epic Unlimited for people that can't afford it. Though one of the <a href="">best educational apps</a> out there. I still recommend using it.
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Privacy practices are HUGE RED FLAG - cannot stress this enough!!!!

While I really like the product, their vagueness in their privacy practices makes this a HUGE RED FLAG for anyone in schools. I cannot stress this enough that their vagueness make it impossible for us to use this in a school setting. I feel they are violating student privacy. I was surprised that common sense could give it the ratings it did and give it the highest spot on their article on this.
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Epic books is a scam, please do better research.

Engaging and Interactive for Students

Epic helps children with their literacy levels and engages them at the same time. The badges and educational content are extremely appealing to children and they love reading on Epic. The read aloud features and dictionary really help student learn and educate themselves. Additionally, the many genres and reading levels allow students to read at their own pace and pick what they like to read best.
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This is amazing! Can You please add big nate blasts off? Thanks!

It is good
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Great tool for Students in and out of the Classroom!

Ep!c! is a great app as students can have access both in and out of the classroom. Each student can personalize their book selections based on their interests and the amount of books on Ep!c! makes it easy to find new favorites! Ep!c! is also incredibly student, parent, and teacher friendly as well which is a major plus.
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Makes readings engaging and fun!

Overall I like this product because it makes reading fun and engaging by also motivating students to reach higher levels in their reading. I also like that the difficulty of the reading level increases as the student is challenged and learns. The children I have seen use this product enjoyed reading through the various topics and genres of books that were provided.
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Epic! is a great site with engaging books and videos on a variety of topics to support your elementary students' learning.

I enjoy incorporating Epic! books and videos in my elementary classroom. The digital books and videos offer my students more access to free, popular texts and on variety of topics that peek their interest.
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