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I first learned about Epic as a parent. My son's teacher showed him how to access Epic and from there he was hooked. He was constantly reading. He enjoyed being able to show his teacher mom how to use a new tech tool for her students. Once I should my students how to long in they were always asking to get in. Teaching in a low income district, my students are able to access books they never would have been able to. I live that I can keep track of what my students have read, assign them books to read, and check their comprehension. The badges that can be earned are also amazing motivation for the students. I would recommend EPIC to anyone and have enjoyed using it the past school year. I will continue to use it in the future!

How I Use It

We used EPIC! on our chromebooks and iPads to access reading materials and check for comprehension. Students were able to read books on their level with their interest and practice reading fluency, reading comprehension, and analytical thinking. The ability to assign books to students was even better.