Over 10,000 books that students can choose from? We love it!

Submitted 4 years ago
Janelle M.
Janelle M.
Riverton Elementary School
Riverton UT, US
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I love Epic reading. My students love it too. They always ask when they can use it. I love that I can use it to enhance my science lessons. I love that I can assign books for my students to read at their own reading levels. This is an amazing resource.

How I Use It

Epic Reading is fabulous. I use it to teach reading and writing. I also use it to enrich my science and social studies lessons. Just this week I was teaching my students how to write an opinion paragraph. I found the book Cats VS Dogs. We discussed different opinions. I assigned the book for my students to read. They then had to write an opinion paragraph citing text evidence on which animal would make a better pet. Lately in science we have been learning about rocks. They students could read many rock books on a variety of levels. I can assign everyone a book on the same topic, but I also assign them a book on individual reading levels. I also give them free reading time on this site. For accountability I make sure they fill out a reading log. They love free time. Epic remembers what type of books they like and it offers suggestions.