Amazing site offers FREE quality digital books to classrooms!

Submitted 5 years ago
Danelle B.
Danelle B.
Traverse City Area Public Schools
Traverse City MI, US
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My Take

It's a must have for the elementary classroom. What teacher doesn't want to build their classroom library for free? I am pretty particular, and I have zero critiques.

How I Use It

Teachers can set up their own class within Epic. Each student can then take a survey about their interests and what they like to read about. Epic will then offer an entire online library of quality books right within that student's passion/interests. Some of these books are even "Read to Me" to help support low learners. Teachers can then see the student's reading life within the Epic dashboard. We can see how long a student spends with the text, what they are reading, etc. Teachers can just use Epic to expand their classroom library for free (which is great for our shrinking classroom budgets), or they can use Epic when they assign nonfiction subject reports. Kids love it! Parents love it! Teachers love it!