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Because I deal with adult learners, I think using this as best practice sharing tool will be helpful. It also allows for learners to customize their blog posts. I really like this part of the program. I would offer the option of removing the ability to post to social sites because that could cause a problem with privacy especially, when using in a company training environment where employees may mention things about their experiences that could identify customers. The price of $39.95 per year is a little steep for employees. There would have to be a corporate account that my company would have to purchase, so that may be hard to sell.

How I Use It

I used this as a way for my class share experiences they've had when talking on the phone with their customers. I asked them to describe what their worst customer call was and how they thought could have handled it differently. I had everyone participating and everyone enjoyed seeing how other people handled difficult customer interactions. However, a few learners were hesitant because they were afraid they would get into trouble, so I had everyone agree that nothing leaves the classroom.