This is an app that promotes creativity while simultaneously having a safe place for students to express themselves with their peers and other students their age. It is a great tool that educators can implement when teaching language arts.

Submitted 2 years ago
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My Take

I absolutely love this teaching tool and believe that it can be used in an infinite amount of ways. I like how user friendly it is for students and how simple it is to add links, pictures, ect. This app could improve my students excitement about writing. It is a current method of expressing ones thoughts and opinions, which children are fascinated in currently. As an educator, I also appreciate the security it provides for myself and my students.

How I Use It

I am not currently teaching, however last year I taught 6th grade. I would use this product when teaching Language Arts, Social Studies. When teaching the art of writing and grammar I would use this app for students to write opinion pieces on current events, narratives, and informative essays. In social studies, students in 6th grade learn a lot about other cultures and this would a great way to document what they are learning about. There are just so many different assignments I could assign while using this app such as: opinion pieces, narratives, informative essays, brochures, news articles, fact checking, editing, proofing, ect...
When perusing the app it seemed confusing at first and took me awhile to understand it as an educators point of view. However, when actually creating a blog, it was very easy and user friendly.