Excellent blogging platform with endless customization options!

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

Great! As I mentioned before, I loved the options for students to customize their own blogs. Also, their customer service really was fantastic- I had to email them the first three times we blogged, and each time they replied within 2 hours!

I love the option of blogging for students to reflect and practice writing in an authentic environment! My students spent more time on their blog posts than they did journals because they knew these would be published each time.

How I Use It

I use EduBlogs for our class and student blogs. I love the options students had to customize their own blogs, and the privacy features I had to control what was published and who saw their posts. I did have the Pro Account, and thought it was worth it for the password protection alone. My students/district was new to having students blog and this option allowed parents to enter slowly into the world of blogging!