A great place to have students participate and engage in discussions beyond the classroom walls.

Submitted 9 years ago
Nanci M.
Nanci M.
District Technology and Learning Coach
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My Take

Overall, this was a great way to extend our learning and conversations outside of the classroom. I liked that I could set up posts ahead of time, and I could also lock them after a certain date. In the few years I used it there were several updates that made the experience of using it, on the teacher side, easier and quicker. I'm sure it will only continue to get better!

How I Use It

Each of my classes had a blog that they were asked to contribute to on a weekly basis at least. Most often I would provide them with the prompt and they would respond to me and to each other. Occasionally they would create the post for their peers or provide the additional content (video, article, etc.). What I found that happened most often is that the students who were quiet during class time really found their voice in the online environment. I was always amazed at the connections my students were able to make and share with their peers.