Great tool for publishing pieces of writing!

Submitted 9 years ago
Marla Kay D.
Marla Kay D.
Forest Lake Education Center
Longwood FL, US
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Edublog is a useful tool for student publishing as well as a communication tool. I chose to upgrade to a premium package because I wanted more options. I like the ability the site gives teachers for the level of privacy desired. Teachers can use a password and give it only to the people they want to have access. Other options are also available such as leaving your blog open to public, or to Edublog members. The free account is great if teachers just want to try it out. This is also a great tool for teaching digital literacy, digital responsibility and blogging.

How I Use It

I use Edublogs for a publishing space for my advanced writing class. I also gave two students "student admin" privileges to help me manage the site. Right now, comments must be approved by the administrators before they are published. My students love our blog. We plan to make it public soon, right now it is password protected until we finish our lessons on digital blogging. I am also going to use Edublogs to replace our 6th grade newsletter. Edublogs is safe, secure, and free of ads. Mobile apps make it easy to blog on the go. The premium account is $39.95 a year, which includes a host of valuable features, and it is powered by Wordpress.

Edublogs has encouraged students to write in addition to class assignmnets! Students are better editors now, as their writing pieces are online. Rubric scores have also increased due to a greater student focus on word choice, sentence fluency and conventions. The older siblings of several students have asked to join our blog group as well!