The NAME says it all!

Submitted 8 years ago
Judith J.
Judith J.
Dacula Middle School
Dacula GA, US
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My Take

This teaching tool has allowed me to take a step back from being the active researching expert, as it allows students to take ownership of their learning.
One little struggle students might have is when researching and citing at the same time - you'll need to have them refresh the notebook tab as they research and cite in another tab in order to assign the research to a proper link.

How I Use It

This product has transformed my teaching style for research. No longer will students stuggle keeping up with notecards, paper copies of articles/books, handwritten outlines/notes, citations, etc. EasyBib has allowed students to keep up with all of the traditional styles of researching skills and products in one, easy-to-use (pun intented), and real-time application. Students can do everything in this site: research, annotate, cite, create groups of note cards, organize, synthesize, outline, and print documents!