Super easy way to get correct MLA/APA Citations

Submitted 8 years ago
Sara S.
Sara S.
Sanger High School
Sanger CA, US
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It is difficult at first to get students to understand that when they post an URL or an ISBN number, they won't always get complete citations. Sometimes, EasyBib is not able to find all the information, so what is the student supposed to do if it's blank? Lots of times they'll leave it blank and not realize they are supposed to go find that information and fill it out. After that hurtle, however, this is a very easy tool for students to use. The templates are easy to follow, and it WILL require so teacher guidance at first to help students find the necessary information for creating these citations. With CCSS, citations are going to be essential, and copying a URL and pasting it at the back of your paper doesn't count, so our students need easy tools like this one to help complete their research projects.

How I Use It

This website is fantastic way to get MLA/APA citations for research projects and papers. I've used it for presentations, papers, group projects, and anything where students were required to site outside sources. I've also used it myself in my own educational pursuits.