Takes the anxiety out of creating citations!

Submitted 8 years ago
Amanda P.
Amanda P.
Media Specialist
Grosse Pointe North High School
Grosse Pointe Woods MI, US
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As a teacher librarian/media specialist, it's important to get students (and teachers) in the habit of 'giving credit where credit is due." With its 59 templates for citation of nearly everything (including social media posts), EasyBib is a great tool to show to EVERY person in a middle or high school!

How I Use It

I use EasyBib with teachers and students in any subject for ANY type of project--Because I like to have students hunt down important elements of a bibliography (for the sake of learning about web authority and 'legit-ness"), I like to have them choose the type of citation and then do a manual entry (at least until they get the hang of doing web evaluations on their own). Once projects are saved ("projects" in EasyBib are lists of bib citations), the entries are created, put in order, and can be uploaded into a document! EASY!!

Bonus features:
--Students can log in using their Google IDs (no more trying to remember logins and passwords)
--Google Docs has a FREE EasyBib Add-on for quick access while writing papers!
--EasyBib has a lot of great Educator resources to share with students, including a YouTube channel
--They also have a paid tool called ResearchReady that helps with web evaluations!