Nice tool for promoting early eco activism.

Submitted 8 years ago
Stephanie  E.
Stephanie E.
K-12 Science Instructional Specialist
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My Take

Overall, I think this is a nice tool for exciting kids about protecting animals. I liked the videos and interesting facts about animals. I also like the digital badge system that this site uses to motivate students. I also like that students are able to use social media in a constructive manner. I would like to see additional ways for students to raise funds such as Instagram. It would also be great if students were able to earn badges after learning more about specific animals or even contributed their own research about them.

How I Use It

I would use this product during a life science unit. I would probably have students ask their parents for permission to sign up to be Earth Rangers. This would allow them to have full access to the games and missions on the website. Then I would have students work in one of four teams (one for each of the animals to protect). I would have them work together to select a fundraising goal and then figure out a way to raise money for their group's animal. The teams could also work on completing some of the other missions on the website as well. I would also put this website on my class webpage so that the students could play the games during their recess and/or lunch time.